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Chiang Mai City Tour offers you the best tour atractions around, things like interacting with Elephant, trekking high up in the mountains, Doi Inthanon trekking and many more.
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Agent for Elephant Rescue Park

Chiang Mai Elephant Tour

Paradise For Homeless Elephants

Chiang Mai Trekking Tour

Doi Inthanon Area

Doi Inthanon Trekking Tour

Pha Dok Siew – Kiw Mae Pan

A family run tourist information centre that’s based in the old town of Chiang Mai, our primary objective is to provide the best tours and services in and around the city, we’ve done all the research for you, there’s no need to spend hours of your precious holiday time looking for the best deals, many tourists come to our office asking the same question, what’s the best things to do in Chiang Mai? here’s what we say.

Best Things to do in Chiang Mai

Start With

  • Bike Tour

If you want to find your way around Chiang Mai, learn about it’s history, visit temples, markets and the ancient city then we recommend doing a bike tour, travelling by bicycle is an excellent way to see Chiang Mai, you can ride through beautifully lit temples at night or discover Chiang Mai’s tranquil countryside, sample some seasonal fruits along the way, you could even take a dip in a mineral hot spring. After discovering the city we definitely recommend doing at least one of these popular tours.

Two options

  1. Kiw Mae Pan, only available from 1st November to 31st of May.
  2. Pha dok Siew, available all year.

Both program includes being Pickup / Drop-Off at your accommodation, doi inthanon national park entrance fee, lunch, English speaking tour guide and full insurance cover.

visit rescued elephants at elephant rescue park Here’s the chance to visit the original elephant rescue park, a paradise for rescued elephants, founded in 2015 by Apichit Duangdee and his wife, their main focus is to rescue elephants from circuses, bad ownership, mistreatment and acidents so to provide a home for them in a natural environment high up in the south area of Chiang Mai, to help fund and maintain the park they offer visits to people that want to help and respect elephants. Elephant rescue park reviews are amazing, we highly recommend a visit.

Six trekking tours to choose from, our customers are now saying that Maewin and Familyare the best trekking experts in Chiang Mai, all six treks are in the Doi Inthanon ares high up in the hills and mountains with amazing views. You’ll have the pleasure and experience of meeting and learning all about the local hill tribes, tour guides are also locals who have spent many years not only working here but also living in these indigenous areas, these expert tour guides make it possible for everyone to have a wonderful trekking experience. These treks are not just for the daring backpackers, they’ve been designed for everyone who loves nature.

Need Transportation?

We can help with your transportation needs anywhere in Thailand, we provide self service search engine facilities for you to get around Thailand | Chiang Mai.

Why book a tour with us?

We aim to offer 100% value and satisfaction, it’s our mission to give all our customers an experience of a lifetime. We provide all sorts of tours the most popular ones are listed here. We’ve done our own personal visits on our popular tours, meaning that we’ve acutely gone posing as tourist, we do this because there are so many of the same kind of tours on offer. We want to provide only the best that gives uniqueness and pure value for money.

We’ve done all the legwork, we have every single tour that’s available in Chiang Mai at our disposal, similar to a display you’d see in your hotel reception, difference is that we specilies in this field, a hotel receptionist doesn’t, it’s our job to provide you with professional advice along with our recommendations on what to do and where to go during your stay here in Chiang Mai.

We are vetted by the local council, the government body that supplies us with a certificate & license to operate from our premises. You can be rest assured that if anything was to wrong, you are covered, we make sure that everything goes to plan.

It sickens me when I hear stories of taxi drivers and local touts on the streets trying to sell tours on the side, it’s ilegal because they don’t have the license to sell, these tours are probably not very good ones anyway, just be careful guys if your approached in this way, there’s a lot of scammers about.

Private Invitation Only

Respect Elephants In Nature

Help bring elephants back to there natural habitat

No riding or beating of any kind, we just save and rescue elephants

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