interact with elephants?


Respect Elephants In Nature

Chiang Mai City Tour offers you the chance to respect elephants high up in the mountains, south of Chiang Mai. You won’t find this tour anywhere else, you can only book through us.

We Offer You

Full Day, Half Day Morning or an Afternoon Private Group Tour

Full Day (Shared Group)

Pickup Time 08:00 / 08:30
฿2,400 per adult
฿1,200 for 5 – 11 yrs
No change for under 5’s
Duration time: 9 hrs.

Morning (Shared Group)

Pickup Time 07:00 / 07:30
฿1,600 per person
฿800 for 5 – 11 yrs
No change for under 5’s
Duration time: 5 hrs.

Afternoon (Private Group)

Pickup Time 12:00 / 12:30
฿2,500 per person
฿1,250 for 5 – 11 yrs
No change for under 5’s
Duration time: 5 hrs.

We Need Your Support

Elephants eat about ten percent of their bodyweight every day and the estimated cost to feed just one elephant is around 2,910 Thai Baht, that’s (around $80 USD) daily.

10 People Maximum

We only allow 10 people maximum per day, so if you really want the chance to get up close an interact with elephants then this is the place for you.

South of Chiang Mai

Natural beautiful surroundings, that’s exactly what you’ll see when you visit our  Elephants

All Programs Include

Pickup / Drop-Off at your accommodation,  English speaking tour guide, bananas for elephants, downloadable photos from Facebook page, drinking water, snacks & lunch (1 Day Visit), Snacks (Half Day Visits and full insurance cover.

What to bring

Change of clothes




Sports Shoes




Sun Cream


Insect repellent


Your visit counts and means so much, Respect Elephants in Nature was setup to provide a natural habitat just for elephants in need.

Where does yor money go?

Don’t worry we put your money to good use…

  • Rescue elephants from bad ownership and the abused.
  • Provide veterinary care and food for elephants on a daily basis.
  • Required land with a river for bathing the elephants.
  • Provide jobs and wages for the locals and give education for elephant caretakers.
  • Help rescue more elephants.

About us

We rescue elephants and provide a home for them in a natural environment high up in the south area of Chiang Mai, we’ve named the park, “Respect Elephants in Nature”

To help fund and maintain our park we are offering private visits to people that want to help and respect elephants. This is a private service only, one that can only be obtained through Chiang Mai City Tour

These three things would make a difference

Support us

Want to support us? Then come visit Respect Elephants in Nature. Its a win, win situation, our elephants benefit from your visit and in return your rewarded with memories of a lifetime. “that’s priceless”

Spread the word

Tell friends and family about us, what we’re doing for these magnificent animals. These elephants want your support. Use your voice to spread the word, share your story about your experience with elephants on Social Medi.
#ChiangMai, #Respect Elephants in Nature, #Chiang Mai City Tour

Make a donation

Elephants need an natural habitat with jungle surroundings to roam in, rivers for bathing and drinking in, they eat around 150 kg of food per day, so you can imagine how much they cost to keep. You could get your employer / work colleagues to adopt an elephant or organize a fundraiser to rescue one. Any donation big or small would be a great help. By giving just $10 would provide herbal medicine for a sick elephant.

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